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The Connection Between Cervical Health, Fertility, and PCOS

Did you know that January is cervical health awareness month? Though this body part is often overlooked when it comes to diagnosing and discussing PCOS, it’s important to understand whether polycystic ovarian syndrome affects cervical health, and if so, how. In this article we’ll be covering:  What is the cervix?Are women with PCOS at increased risk for cervical cancer?Fertility and ...
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Heightening the Standard of Care for PCOS: Martha McKittrick

When nutrition expert Martha McKittrick stumbled across a condition called PCOS 15 years ago, she was fascinated. This hormone condition was so prevalent, yet so under-researched (and for sufferers of this condition, she saw how they were routinely under-served). Over a decade later, Martha has dedicated her professional career to mitigating PCOS symptoms through lifestyle, dietary choices, and research-backed science.  ...

Following a PCOS Diet: Tips and Advice

Following a research-backed PCOS diet can help combat the inflammation (as well as the sugar spikes and crashes) triggered by PCOS. In this way, it can be a useful, natural means to alleviate bothersome symptoms. But sometimes our attitudes around food, even with the best of intentions, can become restrictive and unhealthy. So how can you do your best to ...

PCOS Treatments For Hair Loss

Finding a PCOS treatment plan that works for you is easier said than done. It can take time, as well as trial and error, to find both natural PCOS treatments and medical PCOS treatments that fit your lifestyle, schedule, and personal preferences. That being said, there are some easy, accessible options (and others that are unfortunately less accessible) that can ...