How it works


You’ll be paired with a care team specially trained in PCOS needs including:

  • Medical provider
  • Registered dietitian


  • In-depth visits w/ medical provider specializing in PCOS
  • Visits with your registered dietician
  • A personalized plan created for you by your care team
  • Unlimited text check ins
  • Access to a private community of Allara members
  • Advanced diagnostic testing
  • Prescriptions as needed
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What to expect when you join ...​


You’ll be paired with both a medical provider and a registered dietitian. Each will review your history, give you a detailed evaluation over video call, and order blood tests, and diagnostics as needed. You'll connect on your health goals and concerns because we believe in treating a person, not a set of symptoms.


Together, your care team will create a holistic care plan to tackle your symptoms—which may include dietary and lifestyle changes, nutrition counseling, and medication. You’ll create achievable goals, with your care team behind you to help you accomplish them!


Change is hard, but with Allara, you’re never alone. We’re the supportive and caring team to help you manage your symptoms and stay on-track with your health goals, providing ongoing support through text and video visits, and adjusting your care plan and medication as needed.

No more getting the runaround. Many women with PCOS see 3 or more doctors and wait over a year before being diagnosed. We’re here to fix that.

Membership made easy.

One Month


1 month commitment



3 month commitment



6 month commitment


  • In-depth visits with a medical provider specializing in PCOS
  • Visits with your Registered Dietician
  • Unlimited text check ins
  • Advanced diagnostic testing*
  • A personalized plan created for you by your care team
  • Access to a private community of Allara members
  • Prescriptions as needed*
* Lab tests and prescription medications are not included in the membership cost, but we'll work with your commercial/employer insurance to get them covered.


We always recommend that you keep seeing your primary care physician. Allara is designed as a source of supplemental care with an expertise in PCOS treatment, so it’s a great way to get additional support.

Allara is currently available in TX, FL, NY, MD, VA, and DC, but we’re expanding rapidly. To check your eligibility and join our waitlist for when we are available in your state, please click here.

We’ll work with you to find a lab that is in-network with your insurance. To learn more about what to expect for lab coverage, please call the member services number on your insurance card.

Brittany S.
"It has such a relief to talk to people that are knowledgeable on PCOS. My provider has been absolutely wonderful! It was so helpful to talk to my dietitian and work out a plan that works for me that doesn't include restricting foods. I've already noticed a difference in how I feel and look. This is the first time I've actually started feeling optimistic in dealing with PCOS!"
Perri O.
"Allara's experts have helped me prioritize my health in a truly holistic way. From nutrition and exercise goals to making sense of lab results and knowing which conversations to have with my doctors, I have more information and tools to thrive despite PCOS."
patient smiling
Briana O.
"My Allara dietitian has been nothing but helpful since the very first meeting. She never made me feel bad about my dietary choices but instead offered me new choices and explained how they would benefit my PCOS. She stayed in contact with me consistently and messaged me several times a week to see how I was doing with my goals and to see how she could support me. Having a support system behind you definitely makes managing PCOS feel so much less difficult. Allara is changing the game for PCOS and women’s health altogether by offering help I couldn’t get otherwise all in one place."